Birendra Lal, MD

Primary Care Physician located in Plano, TX

Meet Dr. Lal

Birendra Lal, MD, is a board-certified internal medicine physician. He joins the team of internal medicine and primary care specialists at DFW MDcare in providing comprehensive preventive care to patients in Plano, Texas.

Dr. Lal earned his medical degree at Darbhanga Medical college India and completed his residency at the University of Oklahoma. After finishing his residency training, Dr. Lal moved to McKinney, Texas, with his wife and two daughters. He has a special interest in cardiovascular disease and preventive medicine.

When caring for his patients, Dr. Lal makes an effort to put himself in their shoes in order to better understand their problems and challenges. This allows him to come up with a personalized treatment plan for each patient. To ensure he provides the most up-to-date care, Dr. Lal keeps himself well-informed in the ever-changing medical field by reading journals in his free time.

Dr. Lal is proud of his two daughters, who have since completed their education in McKinney after he and his family moved there at the end of his residency. One of them has become a lawyer, and the other is a budding opera singer. When he is not working, Dr. Lal’s hobbies include hiking, playing cricket, gardening, growing exotic plants, and listening to music.