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About Us


Our Mission

At DFW MDcare , our mission is to improve the health of those we serve with a commitment to providing quality scientific and evidence based personalized health care. Our goal is to offer quality care and services that set community standards, exceed patients’ expectations and are provided in a caring, convenient, cost-effective and accessible manner.



A community in which all people achieve their full potential for health and well-being across the lifespan. We work to be trusted by patients, a valued partner in the community.



About DFW MDcare

Primary care is the foundation of preventive health care, keeping patients healthy and reducing their risk of disease. DFW MDcare offers comprehensive primary care services for adults who live in and around Plano, Texas. The practice takes a holistic approach to healthcare while applying traditional medical care.

Many health issues, such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes, don’t cause noticeable symptoms in their early stages. Annual physicals and lab tests are the best way to monitor patients’ health and get the necessary treatment and advice to lower the risk of complications.

The team also offers chronic disease management for issues, including arthritis, back pain, and lung disease. As primary care providers, the group coordinates patient care, providing referrals and ensuring cooperation with any necessary specialists.

The team at DFW MDcare aims to improve the health of their community with high-quality, evidence-based healthcare. The team is patient-focused and works to exceed patient expectations in a caring and convenient environment.

DFW MDcare welcomes new patients and accepts most insurance plans. New and existing patients can schedule appointments by calling the office or using the online booking tool.


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